My Many Talented Friends

I have a lot of very talented and gifted friends. It's pretty awesome all the great people I know. And no, I don't like these people for their abilities. They are just great all-around people who happen to be really really great at what they do. I'd encourage you to check them all out. I've known some of them really well for a long time while others are newer acquaintances. But all are artists I deeply respect and hope their futures are bright.

1. James Everingham is a prolific young composer from the UK. He most recently ascended into stardom after one of his many SoundCloud uploads went viral. Shortly after, he won 2nd place in 8dio's 2014 Stand Out Competition. I have never met James in person, but we've been communicating online for the last few years and he keeps getting better and better at what he does. 

Here is one of James' latest tracks.

2. Fish McCook (aka The Painted Pianos) hails from the SoCal area. Like James, I have never met Fish but I consider him a friend and fellow artist. His latest release, the self-produced album Roses, has some KILLER tracks. His voice and melodies are engaging and add a certain sophisticated depth to the music.

This track is a particular favorite of mine.

3. Zach King. Enough said. If you don't know who he is, you've gotta find out. I can't go out in public with Zach without someone running up to him asking to take their picture with him. It's been a blast seeing his career take off as well as working with him personally. How many people do you know have been on the Ellen show?

4. Chris Blair is an up-and-comer in the music industry. I've known Chris the majority of my life and he's quite a guy. He's bold and doesn't hold back. His most recent venture, LostBoyCrow, is sounding promising on so many levels. Chris has a way of writing melodies that always keep me guessing, and the gritty lower end of his voice really digs deep into the music.

Check out his newest single here:

5. Kevin Marble is one of the more talented songwriters and storytellers I know. Every word he sings has such weight and meaning. I roomed with him in college and got to hear his musical morsels almost ever day. He's such a genuine person and his genuine musicality shines through with every note. I had the opportunity to provide some piano accompaniment on his fantastic first album release What Are You Afraid Of? Give it a listen.

6. Josh Moshier is the former jazz band director at my alma mater. His music has been in film, television, and games around the globe. Not only is he just a great musician, he's also a friendly and wise young man who's given me a lot of good advice over the last few years. He's already an established and valued composer, but his career is just beginning.

Linked below is one of my favorite scores of his.