I am a life-long musician and passionate about creating lasting works of art.

I grew up studying classical piano and developed an interest in composing shortly before I left for college. I was privileged to not only study the great works of the great composers but also play them with my own fingers and really begin to understand what makes great music "great".  I changed my major to Music Composition my freshman year of my undergrad and have never looked back.

My more recent work with clients has connected me with artists from all around the world. While the majority of my composition is centered on film-based media, I have had the pleasure of working on a wide variety of projects (radio, television, theater) as well as working with and for other professional composers. In the last 5 years, my music has been heard over 50 million times on online platforms alone. The ever-changing world of independent media has opened doors to new and exciting artistic collaborations.

I am also passionate about music education. My love for all things music is what drives me to not only create music for others to enjoy but also share what knowledge I have with others. I have taught many students private lessons on a wide variety of musical topics, as well as released free tutorials available on my YouTube page. My unique instructional course for independent new media composers is nearly finished and will be available early 2015 for purchase.