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"Escape / Hunt for Chewie" (2016)

"I Can Make It" (2016)

"Ascendit" (2016)

"Remanence" (2016)

"One of the Many" (2016)

"Emergence" (2015)

"Miura" (2015)

"Pater Noster" (2014)

"The Little Vikings" (2014)

"Where the Winds Blow" (2015)

"Death and Deals" (2014)

"Icons" (2015)

"The Dance of Time" (2015)

"Impact" (2015)


Music in Motion

Below you'll find just a few of the fun projects I have worked on recently!


"A Smuggler's Trade" - fan film

"Han Solo: A Smuggler's Trade" fan film, starring the renowned Jamie Costa and legendary Doug Jones! Special thanks to Trevor Gomes for helping out with orchestration. Recorded and performed by The Budapest Scoring Orchestra.

I have looked up to John Williams my whole life. It was awesome to score a film in his unique style.

"REMANENCE" - short film

A short film by Jono Seneff.

Music performed and recorded by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra. Orchestration by Trevor Gomes.

"Ascendit" - recording session

I wrote this piece to honor the life of my grandfather after his passing. We all miss him and his vibrant life.

Performed and recorded by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra. Orchestration by Trevor Gomes.

"Remanence" - recording session

The main theme and end credits from "Remanence" (2016), a film by Jono Seneff.

Performed and recorded by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra. Orchestration by Trevor Gomes.


"Stranded Deep" - trailer

In 2015, I was commissioned by Beam Team Games to write custom music for the launch trailer of the widely played game, "Stranded Deep".

Monsoon mangoes - film

I had the wonderful opportunity to work alongside the talented Indian composer, Jakes Bejoy. He has made a solid musical showing in Indian cinema, scoring many critically acclaimed films and series.

I worked as a co-composer and programmer for the majority of the film. You'll hear bits of my music in this trailer.

Indiana bones: raiders of the lost bark - short film

Zach King does it again! Enjoy this fun fan-film inspired by Indiana's antics.

Additional music by Trevor Gomes.

2016 Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How old are you??

I'm 26 as of October 2016.

2. What equipment/software do you use?

DAW: Logic Pro X

Monitors: Yamaha HS8's for mixing and a custom pair of speakers for listening.

Interface: Scarlett 18i20 (Focusrite)

Controller: Alesis v49 and Yamaha Motif XS8

Microphone: AKG c414

3. What are your go-to sample libraries?

STRINGS: Cinematic Studio Strings, Spitfire Mural Strings

BRASS: Sample Modeling, CineBrass

WINDS: Berlin Woodwinds

PERCUSSION: Spitfire Percussion, Battery 4

SYNTH: u-he Zebra 2, Serum

4. Can you teach me lessons about Logic Pro or sequencing in general?

Yes, if I'm available for it! Shoot me an email. Lessons are $65 for a 1 hour session, usually over Skype or FaceTime.

5. How do you recommend I go about getting film scoring gigs?

Connections are key in the film music industry. Talking to your filmmaker friends from school and getting in early on their projects is a great way to get started. As for practical things, I would focus on getting a solid website and SoundCloud profile put together. Only post things that you are proud of. Look around for other people at your skill level and do some honest comparison. If your work is lacking in quality (compositionally or production-wise) you probably shouldn't post it. I HIGHLY recommend you post with caution. Don't catalog every piece you've ever written.

6. Are you able to mock up my music with more professional sounding samples?

Yes, assuming the project/style aligns with my skill set. Email me for inquiries and rates.

7. How might I obtain a license to use your music in a film project?

Ask me. Not all the music I've posted online is available for licensing, but if you like the sound of something, it can't hurt to ask!